SCHEDULE CHANGE & so much more….



SOLE SISTERS – Let’s meet up at the Key Biscayne bridge this Saturday, Dec 15.  We will meet at the start of the bridge, after the toll in the parking lot at 6:59am.


If you’ve never run the bridge, DON’T MISS THIS RUN!

This is a favorite running spot.  It’s a GREAT workout and the scenery is breathtaking.  JOIN US!


HOLIDAY SCHEDULE – Originally, we were having one 90-minute class on Wednesday, Dec 26th.  We are now open for our full, regular schedule that day.

Microsoft Word - 2018DECschedule.docx

Monday, Dec 24 – 5:45AM & 9:15AM
Tuesday, Dec 25 – CLOSED

Monday, Dec 31 – 5:45AM & 9:15AM
Tuesday, Jan 1 – 9:15AM &  6:00PM



BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE – Our 2018 “Biggest Loser” Challenge has come to an end.  Congratulations to all those who stayed the course and came in at the end of the 12 weeks to get their body fat and girth measurements.  This contest is never easy, especially since its timing coincides with the busiest & most festive time of the year.

It was a close call in both groups but we are proud to announce our 2 winners, one from each category, that came out on top:

GROUP #1 (below 32% body fat) WINNER: 

Cristina C.




Cristina lost 13.4 lbs and went from 21.78% to 18.11% for a total of 3.67% body fat lost. Great job!!!  An honorable mention in this category goes out to Marisa H. who was a very close second with a total loss of 3.55% body fat.

GROUP #2 (over 32% body fat) WINNER:

Marianne B.-R.




Marianne lost 19.6 lbs and went from 37.75% body fat to 28.38%!  WOW, almost 10% of her body fat gone!!!!  GREAT JOB!  An honorable mention in this category goes to Stephanie T. who lost 18.2 lbs.  That is no easy feat!!!   Great job to all the girls!

Last night, the winners were presented with their cash prize.  Each winner received a check for $700!  CONGRATS LADIES!!



WHO’S UP FOR A H.I.I.T WORKOUT THIS SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16 AT 10:00AM to burn off all the calories you may (or may not, but probably may) be intaking this Saturday night at the WOFB Christmas Party & Potluck!!???


This workout is a PARTNER WORKOUT – which means you have to show up with a partner (a fellow WOFB member).  The entry fee is a donation to our annual HOLIDAY DRIVE benefitting the Miami Rescue Mission.

10 CANS (check your expiry dates please!) OR 1 NEW, UNWRAPPED TOY (min. value of $10).

This workout is open to the first 20 people who RSVP!


Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 2.38.32 PM




Needless to mention, the holiday season is always a fun, but super busy and hectic time of year.  Some of us don’t have the luxury of shopping during off-peak hours to avoid the madness so I am here to help!!  I’ve partnered with 2 women’s clothing designers to bring the shopping to you!

Starting Monday, Dec 17 through Thursday, Dec 20, from 4:30 – 8:00 PM
AtinaCristina (@atina_cristina) &
analili (@analili_analili)

will be showcasing their gorgeous women’s clothing at very affordable prices here at your gym!!!  (The prices will be made more affordable for us than what you see on the website.)  CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE gallery and/or INSTAGRAM pages for their designs.  If anything catches your eye, let me know!  Tag me or screenshot your favorites and email them me.  I will do my very best to have those items here next week for you to try!



2 Responses to “SCHEDULE CHANGE & so much more….”

  1. Florence Martin Says:

    I’ll go to the workout


  2. Jasmine Ramirez Says:

    Yolanda and I want to RSVP for the HIIT on Sunday


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