Biggest Loser & Food Myth #1


And here we are, 4 days into the last month of 2018.  How time flies!!

For those still in the BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE, please sign up for the final measurements and “after” photos with Coach Lorraine.  They will be taking place this coming weekend, Friday, Dec 7 (PM), Sat, Dec 8 & Sun, Dec 9 (AM).  Winners will be announced on Monday, Dec 10!

There are many food myths out there, but the one myth that seems to fool everybody nowadays is that….


The word “organic” comes with a big health halo around it, like everything with the label is automatically good for you. The truth is that organic snacks are still snacks. Eating them in excess isn’t suddenly OK because they meet the requirements for an organic label. Organic chocolate syrup is still chocolate syrup, full of sugar and fat.  Organic cookies, crackers, chips, and candies have the same amount of sugar, fat, and empty calories as non-organic versions. When it comes to produce, dairy or meat/poultry choosing organic versions may be a good way to cut back on chemical exposure from pesticides and preservatives, however eating a non-organic apple is still healthier than eating a bag of organic potato chips. =)


Stay tuned for the December 2018 Calendar of Events….



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