Nowadays, poor self-image is often related to what a person looks like, especially amongst us females.   With the popularity of Instagram and celebrity models, we’ve somehow let self-worth be determined by physical appearance, and this is killing the confidence & self-esteem of the next generation of girls.

In short, women keep striving for what they feel is that “perfect” image.  The more they go to great lengths to achieve it, the more the media highlights it which drives the rest of us to want it too.  It’s not healthy and it’s not realistic!

Here’s a little secret to steer from those societal pressures and rid our thoughts from such obsessions:

Rather than focus on what your body looks like all the time, focus on what it can do.  WE ARE AMAZING MACHINES – WE ARE MASTERPIECES that have a function, far more important than what a “selfie” can achieve.  We are mothers, caretakers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, astronauts!   Our body is a magnificent machine that can produce magnificent results.

We are all humans and at our core, are very similar, but each one of us is a UNIQUE MASTERPIECE!  We have different hair, different hair color, unique facial features, individual laughs, and distinct personalities.  Imagine a world where we all looked and behaved the same??


Our uniqueness is what makes this world so beautiful!  Embrace yourself and your differences.  Embrace your hair, no matter how curly it is.  Someone out there is paying hundreds of dollars for a perm.  Embrace your physique, big or small.  There are people dying of cancer wishing their only struggle was to gain or shed a few pounds.

I’m not saying don’t CHALLENGE YOURSELF everyday to be better, healthier, stronger.  There’s nothing wrong with trying to achieve the physique you want.  What I am saying is that on your journey to be a better YOU, do it because you love yourself, not because you hate who you are.  You are AMAZING!

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