MINDSET is everything!


Hey ladies!

I did the 9:15am bootcamp class today.  It was an amazing workout – so good and so tiring, I needed help getting off the floor by the end of it.  I love that feeling…. that feeling when you can say that you put it all out there, that you didn’t hold anything back and gave the workout your 110% best effort.

That’s when I realized how powerful my thoughts are!

We did a 1-mile run for our warm up.  As I was nearing the finish, running towards to door, I felt myself start to slow down.  In an instant, I thought to myself, “Why am I slowing down…?  When I see that door handle, I should speed up and finish strong!”  So I did.  And that was my mindset during the entire workout.  When I saw 10 seconds left on the clock for each exercise, I finished strong and fast.  I had to reframe my attitude from, “Oh, I’ll stop now, only 5 seconds left” to “Only 5 seconds left to get as many reps in as I can!”

End result – I had one of the best workouts.

It’s all about your mindset. Everything you do. Everything you think. Everyone you meet. All of your experiences. How you choose to interpret those experiences. Everything is all about your mindset.

It’s the most important part to any person. And the best part is that it’s completely under your control. It’s completely in your hands. You control what you make of the things and people and places you experience. You control what kind of day you have. You control how you interpret and react to everything that happens around you. You. Not anyone else. You.

So much power exists in one simple thought.  Your thoughts can make or break you, so what you nourish your mind with is crucial!  Think positive, always.  Look on the bright side of every situation.  Be forgiving, but don’t forget.  And choose your surrounding with care.  Most importantly, believe in yourself and believe that you can do amazing things!


Here’s some motivation…
Bethany Hamilton is an American professional surfer who, at the age of 13, survived a 2003 shark attack in which her left arm was bitten off but who ultimately returned to—and was victorious in—professional surfing.


Don’t forget to RSVP for this Friday’s GLOW WORKOUT at 6:30pm.  Come in your best glowing costume!

You can reply to this post or email info@ffagyms.com with your full name.  Workout is open to guests for $15 and they must also come in their best GLOW!

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9 Responses to “MINDSET is everything!”

  1. Nikki Herrera Says:

    Hi I’ll be there!


  2. Silvana Says:

    Be there


  3. Dimary Cordero Says:

    I’ll be there ☺️


  4. Yaitza Rivera Says:

    Count me in


  5. Dimary Cordero Says:

    I’ll be there


  6. Yaitza Rivera Says:

    I’m in!


  7. Indira Says:

    I’ll be there.


  8. Sheila Says:

    Sheila y karina will attend
    Thank you.


  9. Ana Bachmann Says:

    I’ll be there.


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