GLOW the night away!!


Microsoft Word - GlowWorkout2018.docx

In celebration of Hallowe’en, WOFB is hosting a GLOW WORKOUT & Costume Contest for all ELITE members!  Space is limited and will be on a first RSVP basis.  To RSVP, comment below with full name.  Also mention if you are bringing friend.


Costume Contest Winner will be the one who GLOWS the most, in the most creative way – we’re dimming the lights so bring your GLOW GEAR… and get ready to sweat n’ GLOW!  Wear your brightest neon spandex, glow accessories and fluorescent swag to really light up the night. 

Judging begins at 6:30pm, workout at 7pm.

BRING A FRIEND for only $15.  Friend must dress up also!

(Kickboxing at 6pm will be cancelled.  Students may make up this class with another class of their choice.)

10 Responses to “GLOW the night away!!”

  1. Johanna Says:

    Hi I will be going a taking a friend! (My mini me) lol


  2. Ashley Mayorga Says:

    I will be going!!😄lol


  3. Marcia Diaz Says:

    Hi Rima please sign m up

    Thank you ❤


  4. Karla Says:

    I’ll be coming with a friend 😊😊


  5. Cristina Cordero Says:

    Hello!! Sign me in please!😘🎃


  6. btiger1 Says:

    Add Me n a friend


  7. Cristine Del Cueto Says:

    I’ll be there ! 😊


  8. Kristen Ruiz Says:

    I’ll be there plus a friend 🎃 so count two of us! 👻


  9. Marianne Benitez Ruiz Says:

    Count me in!!!


  10. Kat Lopez Says:

    Jane and Kat lopez


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