We all need to be reminded every now and then.

Some people think that exercising gives them a free pass to completely ignore their nutrition.  They believe that regular exercise (as intense as it may be) alone will help them lose weight and get toned.

You need both exercise AND nutrition!

Yes, exercising will get you fit and strong.  Without exercise you won’t be able to build the sculpted body of your dreams.

BUT without nutrition you’ll only end up putting on the muscle without taking off the layer of fat, giving you that “bulky” look you’re trying to avoid.

Abs are built in the gym and revealed through nutrition!  I don’t care how many sit ups, crunches or leg raises you do, you’ll never see your abdominal muscles unless you reduce your fat mass. 


The only way to do that is through proper nutrition.  It’s simple math…  calories in have to be less than calories out (expended), but not always so simple to execute.  It’s work, but OH SO REWARDING when you get there!!!



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