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I’m sure most of you are familiar with leg cramps.  You know, that sudden, sharp pain that grips your calf muscle while you’re running or even sleeping…?

What causes leg cramps?

Muscle cramps aren’t fully understood, but they’re most likely caused by an imbalance of the chemicals that make your muscles fire and relax.

Leg cramps may affect your calf, hamstring or your quad, making it painful to keep moving.  This pain can hit suddenly and it can be really uncomfortable!

Leg cramps that set in during exercise are known as Exercise-Associated Muscle Cramps, or EAMC for short. During exercise (or movement in general) your nervous system sends a signal to your muscles to contract, then another to relax. This is what causes your muscles to lengthen and shorten.

Muscle cramps happen when your muscle doesn’t get the signal to relax — which can happen for a couple of reasons.

Muscle fatigue
If your muscles are really tired or overworked, they may not be able to absorb minerals as readily.  This means the minerals that can help your muscle tissue relax after contracting may be missing, so you may be more prone to a cramp.

Lack of blood flow
Clothing that is too tight can make it hard for the blood to flow effectively to your muscles which means they may not be getting the oxygen they need to function.

Stay hydrated! Your muscles need fluids to help them contract and relax, so fill up your drink bottle and sip before, during and after exercise.

It’s no secret … IT’S REALLY HOT OUTSIDE!  Make sure you are getting plenty of fluids before and during your workouts.

Electrolyte imbalance
When you are sweating a lot, you can lose electrolytes through your perspiration. When your body begins to deplete your nutrient reserves, such as potassium or magnesium, it can lead to cramping.



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