Let’s make it a THREE-PEAT!

This Saturday, April 14th, let’s take our legs up and down those stairs @ FIU!!  Then we can hit some incline sprinting to top off a great workout and a fantastic way to welcome the weekend!

If you need more specific detail with regard to meeting location, comment below.  Otherwise, let’s meet in our favorite garage at 6:59am.


Here’s a great visual representation of what might go wrong when you “LET LOOSE” on the weekends.  Yes, the 80/20 rule can & should apply when you want to maintain your weight, but NOT if you’re looking to shed some unwanted fat!  CONSISTENCY is key, but also keeping record of what you’re eating and drinking is CRUCIAL to getting the results you’re after.  Look at it this way -> weight/fat loss is just simple math!!!!



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