Ladies!  The countdown is on!!!  We are 17 days away from completion.

Here’s the plan:

If you have put forth a GENUINE, HONEST and WORTHY effort in the past few weeks (THINK ABOUT IT NOW), the “AFTER” measurements and photo will take place next weekend.  The schedule will look similar to the initial one.

Friday, March 30, 5-9PM
Saturday, March 31, 7-10AM
Sunday, April 1, 8-10AM

I will leave a sign-up sheet with Coach Lo on Monday, March 26, so you can pencil your name in.


It’s never too late to start working on yourself, and it’s never too late to adopt better eating habits.  The purpose of this challenge was to get you seeing results so that you become motivated enough to want to continue this pattern as a lifestyle.  So the 12-week challenge didn’t work out for you the way you had hoped it would….  Well, get started now – FOR YOURSELF!  Eat right, exercise and take care of the only body you have.




This Saturday, March 24, SOLE SISTERS are taking it to TROPICAL PARK!  Let’s meet at the hill at 6:45am (close to Miller entrance).  BE THERE AT 6:45 am SHARP.  It will be fun and sweaty!!

One Response to “DAY 67…. & SOLE SISTERS”

  1. Says:

    Hi Rima, I am out of town all next week and don’t return until Sunday, April 2. Although I did not follow the challenge completely, I would still like to go in and take my measurements. Can I schedule this for the following week?

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