Hey Ladies!

Our 12-WEEK TRANSFORMATION starts tomorrow!  I am super excited to conquer my goals over the next 12 weeks!  I hope you are starting with the same fervor!!  Remember, ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!

So aside from making a vision board as was discussed in yesterday’s post, I like to do the following before each challenge:

I print up as many blank calendars as I need to keep track of each passing day and post them in a visible spot in my house.

In this case, I printed 4 blank calendars, Jan, Feb, March and April.


Each day that passes, I cross it out with an X.  This is a visual representation of my 12-week journey.  I like to see how many days I’ve accomplished and how many days I have to go.  I also do this to remind myself that each day counts and that in the span of a lifetime, 83 days is nothing!!  You don’t want to get to DAY 80 and say “Wow, I wish I would’ve stuck with it, I wonder where I’d be by now?”


P.S. I’ll be starting a FACEBOOK group for us to chat in and have some fun…




2 Responses to “DO THIS TONIGHT!”

  1. btiger1 Says:

    I miss my appointment today, can I get measured tomorrow?


  2. Jhiny Says:

    Do you know when we will recieve the meal plan?


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