IT’S ON!!!!!


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I can’t wait!!!  Tomorrow, Monday January 8, 2018, begins the registration for the 12-WEEK TRANSFORMATION challenge.  You can sign up with Coach Lorraine.  She will have you fill out the registration form and make an appt to get your ‘before’ photo taken and body fat measurements done.

I have a love-hate relationship with transformation challenges.  By promoting them, I feel like we are encouraging healthy habits for only 12 weeks as opposed to promoting a lifestyle of health.  Well, here’s the deal…we are human and sometimes we get off track, especially around the holidays.  That’s why these contests are great this time of year – it’s like a kickstart back to where we were physically and (MOSTLY) mentally, and where we should stay 80% of the time.

For those who are new to this contest, this 12-week challenge is an opportunity to take your physique to new heights – to get that body you’re always saying you will have one day!!  NOW IS THE TIME!  Although the culmination of this journey ends with a photo shoot and some more fabulous surprises (perhaps a spot in our calendar and in a fashion show), this contest is NOT about vanity or looks.  It’s about focus, determination, discipline & hard work…it’s about deciding to do something and busting your butt to get it done, no matter what… it’s about setting a goal, accomplishing it and realizing how empowering and satisfying that process is…. it’s about the betterment of YOU – physically and MENTALLY!  And of course, the ultimate goal is that the healthy habits you’ve been following for 3 months, stick with you for a lifetime!

The WOFB Team


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