I had a bootcamper ask some very good questions regarding the BRING A FRIEND month.
Here are your answers:

  1.  Can we bring more than one person?
    YES, you can bring as many friends as you like, either simultaneously or one friend per workout.
  2. Is it just for one class or classes for the month of January?
    It’s a ONE CLASS trial only.
  3.  Does it include kickboxing?
    YES, they can come to kickboxing as well.  It would be preferable if they had their own gloves and if you can partner with them to show them the ropes, as necessary.
  4. Do they need to be accompanied by me each class or can they come on their own?
    They can attend on their own, as long as they show up early enough to fill out a waiver and mention they were referred by you.

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