SOLE SISTERS and more…



Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day for the FOOD AND TOY DRIVE!


This Saturday’s SOLE SISTERS is back at the bridge!  We are going to run our little hearts out in beautiful Key Biscayne, Saturday, Dec 23rd and then head to GreenStreet Cafe for a holiday breakfast.  Please meet us there at 6:59am!  Again, if you’ve never run the bridge, you will absolutely fall in love with the energy and scenery there.  Not to mention that the workout is amazing.  It’s not just cardio – the incline works the legs and butt too =)



Tomorrow night’s KICKBOXING class is going to be poppin’!!!!!!!  You MUST attend Coach Che’s 6:30pm kickboxing class.  This is OPEN to all members of the Elite program – DJ EAZY will be in the house with some amazing music to hit the pads to!

SCHEDULE CHANGE –>  As of January 2018, Coach Che’s 6:30pm kickboxing class will begin at 6pm instead of 6:30pm.




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