Ugh, it’s the worst!  Belly fat is the most stubborn area and usually the last to respond to any kind of fat loss efforts.


But ladies, it’s no secret!

The key to losing those last few unwanted pounds is in your diet!!
The top offender for the belly bulge is SUGAR. This means if you want to slim down around your waistline, cut out the sugar and you’ll fast track your way to your goal.  And this doesn’t mean only avoiding chocolate cake and cookies at birthday parties.

This means…

-giving up the 2 tablespoons of sugar you put in your cafe con leche each day,
-saying no to soda and store-bought juice,
-substituting that white bread or pasta with heartier, grainy ones,
-replacing the ketchup with mustard, BBQ sauce with hot sauce and flavored yogurt with plain Greek yogurt & real fruit,

You get the point?!

At the same time you’re cutting out sugar from your diet, you’ll need to fill your belly with good foods, such as vegetables & lean proteins, commit to regular & intense workouts and HAVE FAITH AND PATIENCE!  There is your recipe!

And keep in mind, it’s not easy.  The tougher a goal is to achieve, the tougher you have to be to reach it!  And you’re tough!!



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