Hey Ladies!

I love this time of year…. the weather is great and we have so much to look forward to.

Here’s what’s happening in DECEMBER 2017:



    Starting Friday, December 1st, we will be accepting entries for our New Slogan Contest.  You will receive an email on how to enter.

    We are looking for the best slogan to print on our workout tank tops/tshirts.  We will have you all vote for your favorite 3 slogans.  The slogan with the most votes will be featured on the next batch of tank tops and t-shirts, and the winner will receive a shoutout and a FREE tank top!!



    Friday, December 1st,
    kicks off our annual toy drive.  WOFB is proud to partner with Miami Rescue Mission again this year to do our part in helping our community.  While we have so much to look forward to, this time of year can be sad and lonely for many.  There are hundreds of homeless families out there with children who won’t get a chance at the same happiness as our kids this holiday season.
    Please help us make their holiday a memorable one!  Your donations will bring smiles to these families as they feel the joy of the season made possible by your kindness and generosity.

    Here is a list of some of the toys they are looking for:
    mission (1)
    To kick off the drive, I will be teaching a FREE conditioning class, this Sunday at 8am, OPEN to anyone who brings a NEW, UNWRAPPED toy, member or not.  You will receive an email to which you can RSVP for this workout.   



    This Saturday, Dec 2, SOLE SISTERS meet will be at FIU!  We can’t get enough of those stairs!!
    Meet us in our favorite parking garage at 7am and you won’t be disappointed!
    Bring lots of water!!


    Don’t forget to register for the most enjoyable 5K ever!!!  Our team is called WOFB Bouncing Babes – look for us when you register @ race is Saturday, Dec 16th and we have the 8:30 AM wave.
    It will be a blast as usual!!  Hope to see you all there!
  5. Later that night….


    I will be creating a Facebook events page so you can RSVP.  It will be a Christmas pajamas party and potluck dinner!  CAN’T WAIT!!

    Have a great night ladies!!!
    The WOFB Team

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