If you’re in bootcamp ELITE, you’re a SOLE SISTER.

In case you’re not aware, SOLE SISTERS is the name of our Saturday morning crew…a group of bootcampers who like to meet at 7am on Saturdays to:

  • improve their cardio/endurance,
  • improve their running speed,
  • get an extra workout in or
  • celebrate their love for running by running!

Every week we pick a different location to run.  I say “run” but you can speed walk as well.  Every member goes at their own pace and chooses the distance that best suits them.  The goal: to get better!!!

This weekend, on Saturday, Oct 21 @ 7am, we will be running the Key Biscayne bridge.  Meet us in the parking lot immediately before the bridge (if you’re driving toward Key Biscayne).  The parking is free and there’s plenty of it.  We will be starting at 7am SHARP.


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