Take your pick 3, 4 6 or 12 miles?
SOLE SISTERS is meeting tomorrow, Saturday, Oct 14,  in the beautiful Hammocks Trail to get some mileage in.  This run is picturesque and serene.  Let’s meet in the parking lot of the Hammocks Trail playground (Miami-Dade park), located next to the Hammock’s Middle School, 9889 Hammocks Blvd, Miami, FL 33196, at 6:45am!  See you all there!!!



Here’s an easy way to drop weight: DON’T DRINK YOUR CALORIES!

Liquid calories are sneaky.  You don’t get that full feeling like with solid foods, but you’re still taking in tons of calories.  Avoid drinks like: regular sodas, smoothies, juices, sweet coffee drinks, hot chocolate, milk shakes, and alcoholic beverages.

Drink plenty of water instead.

TRY THIS FOR A WEEK – If you’re used to drinking sodas, juices or high-calorie caffeinated beverages, eliminate all calories coming from liquids for 1 week.  Drink water and unsweetened beverages for 7 days and see what happens!





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