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Who’s itching to workout? ME!!

September 12, 2017

Hello ladies!

It has been a pretty stressful week, but it’s over now and boy, did we dodge a grenade!  My heart goes out to those who were not as fortunate.

Hopefully you are all safe and well after the hurricane, and your homes haven’t suffered too much damage.  As I work to restore order around me, I remind myself over and over that life is above all and everything else can be replaced or repaired!

There is a lot of work to be done now to get back to our normal routine, including the restoration of our beloved gym!  The guys are hard at work cleaning up today.  

We will resume back to our normal WOFB schedule tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept 13, 2017.

I haven’t forgotten about 9/11 yesterday, Harvey or the massive fires in the west.

So much to say, but what is really inspiring me at this moment, is how RESILIENT we can be.  I compared us to the palm trees in a storm… we bend and we sway, but we don’t break!

See you all soon!