Ladies, there is 1 day left to register for our 12-week fitness challenge.  Since so many of you are away this weekend, I will be having 2 initial workout sessions – this Sunday, July 2nd and the following Sunday, July 9th.

I need all participants’ forms in by tomorrow so I can create the schedule.  I will also create a Facebook group so we can communicate amongst ourselves!

This 12-week challenge is a PERFORMANCE CHALLENGE – everything about it is geared 100% to helping you improve your cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance and overall strength.  If you participate, I am expecting a genuine, 100% commitment from each and every one of you.  This means attending all the extra workouts and doing the prescribed homework!  YOU are the master of your progress!  I’m keeping some details a secret until we all complete that first workout!



Next, if you are running with us in the July 4th 5K coming up this Tuesday, I will be picking up the packets on Monday, July 3rd from Go Run in Kendall.

PLEASE COMMENT HERE AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT ME TO PICK UP YOUR PACKET!  You can then get your packet from FFA/bootcamp Monday night after 5:00 PM OR the morning of the run if you meet up with us – we will be meeting at FFA/bootcamp at 6am to get a group photo and car pool to the race.

You can also pick up the packets tomorrow and Saturday from the following locations:


Have a great one,



4 Responses to “ONE DAY LEFT TO REGISTER….”

  1. Stephanie Tablada Says:

    Hi Rima,

    I won’t be back in town till July 3rd but I told Lorraine that I am in!!!

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Ann Says:

    Can I register tomorrow for the challenge ?


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