Your choice of drink can make a huge difference in your weight loss efforts.

Many drinks are sources of hidden, empty calories that can put a halt on the fat loss.

Years ago, I gave up regular soda because of the high sugar content and switched to diet soda.  Then we were warned to avoid the artificial sweeteners & other chemicals in diet soda; and more recently studies have indicated that diet soda actually causes rather than prevents weight gain.

Next, we moved on to bottled water, but the plastic has landfill and environmental consequences and can be less healthy than regular tap water.  Juice can be more nutritious than soda, but is comparable in sugar, carb, and calorie content.  GEEZ.

At the end of the day, regular old tap water–or at least a filtered version of it, seems to be the way to go.

It’s easy to forget to drink enough water.  It can get boring!  But drinking water is so important for many reasons, especially now in this heat.  So I found these flavored versions – healthy and tasty, that you can keep in your fridge and drink anytime.


If you want the step by step on how to prepare these, here is the website: http://www.theyummylife.com/Flavored_Water


Rima A.





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