Hello everyone!!  May 2017 has a new standout….




1. Age:  33

2. Profession:  Stay at home mom and part time at WOFB

3. When did you first start training at WOFB and how did you find out about us?
I first found out about WOFB in 2008 at a health fair. At that time I had tried everything. I tried pills, acupuncture (which hurt and didnt do anything), i tried all types of diets (they helped for a little but then i would gain it all back), I went to a fat loss clinic which they gave me shots and more pills, I even went to a consultation for the lap band surgery. I knew the moment I met the girl from WOFB and she told me about it that it was exactly what I needed! And it was!

4. Tell us about your sports & fitness background:
All my life I was in great shape.  Played all types of sports but after high school I stopped everything and started eating, a lot! I gained a ton of weight and then got pregnant and gained more weight. My heaviest was 250lbs. I am now at 170 (I still have some more to lose) but its all because of WOFB and their amazing motivation and workouts! With their help I have been able to keep off the weight and they keep me motivated to continue to be in the best shape that I can. I am forever grateful!

5. Favorite Workout (or type of workout) & Least Favorite Workout:
I love all types of workouts and exercises! My mindset has changed from when I first started. There may have been a couple of exercises that I probably didnt like but I changed the way I thought about them and tried to look at them as exercises I needed to conquer and get better at, which in return made me like them all.

6. What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting WOFB?
The types of changes I have seen since I started are that I lost a ton of weight, I built muscle, and I feel healthy again! Thank you and all of my WOFB family!

CONGRATS to you!!  We are proud of all you’ve accomplished thus far.  Don’t stop now!

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