Busy weekend ahead….



Saturday’s SOLE SISTERS will be at FIU @ 7am.
OPTIONAL:  If you want to get some extra running in, meet us at FFA @ 6:45am and we will run to our favorite parking garage.

IF YOU ARE MEETING AT FFA, we will be leaving at 6:50am SHARP to get to the staircase by 7am, so please be on time!

***************************************WOFB Kayak Adventure 4-30-17

Looking forward to this Sunday!   To get to the outdoor center, once you turn onto the road off of the causeway (I think it’s called Arthur Lamb Jr Rd.) you have to drive all the way down until you can’t drive anymore.   You can park there at the location for free.

Here’s a screen shot…
Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 7.59.31 PM

Your kayaking fee includes your life jacket as well.

PLEASE BE ON TIME!  So far, we have over 20 people!

See you soon!

Rima A.


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