This weekend…



SOLE SISTERS – This Saturday, April 15, we will be running along 97th Ave starting at Flagler.  We meet at the corner of Flagler & 97th @ 7am, in front of Stirrup Elementary school where you can park as well.

I love this run!  It’s just the right amount of running interspersed with enough incline to keep the body sweating, the heart pumping and the legs burning!!  Who’s in?

In case of rain, we will be redirecting to our favorite sheltered outdoor run/workout which is FIU.  



This weekend is also the weekend we do our final measurements and take our AFTER photos for the 90-DAY TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE.  Please sign up with Coach Lorraine.


Don’t forget to register for KAYAKING!!!  I can’t wait!

Click here to register:

WOFB Kayak Adventure 4-30-17




She won the raffle prize package we had for KIDS DAY!  Thank you to everyone who helped make KIDS DAY possible.  It was a success!!!  Until next year….

Have a great week!




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