This month’s standout is LUISA!


How old are you?  25

What is your occupation?  Pre – vet student, worker.

When did you first start training at WOFB and how did you find out about us?
I started training with you in January 2017. I was tired of doing the same routine everyday at home and my partner Juliana told me about you. She told me that it was an incredible place where I was never going to get bored and even its the perfect place to achieve my goals. She was right!

Tell us about your sports & fitness background:
I love all kinds of sports but my favorite is soccer. In my free time, I used to go to the park three times a week to run a mile, do abs, and squats. Also, I played soccer on Sundays with my friends.

Favorite Workout (or type of workout): My favorite workout certainly is to do squats and I love do crunches.

Least Favorite Workout:  I’ve never liked to focus on lifting weights to tone my arms but I’ve changed my mind since I start in the bootcamp.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting WOFB?
I started seeing changes in my body from the second month. My goal is to tone all muscles and today I feel like never before.

Luisa, you’re working hard and it shows!!!  Keep up the good work.  Not only are you looking more fit, but your performance is kicking butt!

One Response to “**APRIL STAR**”

  1. Marcia Diaz Says:

    Wooooo Hooooo Luisa!!! 💪💪 Great Job! So well deserved! Keep beasting👊👊 I’m so Happy for you!!!


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