Hey All,


This Saturday, Feb 4th, SOLE SISTERS will be meeting at Flagler & 97th for our  invigorating weekly run!  Remember ladies, SOLE SISTERS is for all Elite Bootcampers and each runner can go at their own pace.

We will meet at the corner of Flagler and 97th Ave., & park in front of Stirrup Elementary which is located right there. It’s a nice straight run with a bridge for a little incline.




Ladies, here are 4 types of people who can get in the way of your fitness goals, and tips on how to handle each of them…

I’ll cover each one over the next 4 days.  First guilty group….


Your supervisor provided carby muffins for your morning meeting.  Annie from Accounting baked brownies (again!) and left them in the break room.  Your cubicle neighbors are ordering lunch from the local pizza joint.  It never ends!

Here’s what to do…

  1.  Always eat breakfast!  If you’re full, you’re less likely to succumb to the temptation of empty calories, no matter how delicious they look & taste!
  2. Keep healthy snacks at work.  Ok, so your stash of carrots is no match for those glazed donuts but think about your GOALS!  You’re on a journey that no one else has to understand or approve of.  STAY STRONG!  Chew gum or grab a coffee.  You’ll feel soooooo good about yourself for not giving in!
  3. Meal prep!  Have your meals ready – it helps you stay focused!
  4. Keep your goals in sight.  Have a motivating picture or motto by your desk.  Call a friend you know can help you get re-focused.  Just remember why you are doing this and how amazing you’ll feel by the end of it!

Have a good night!

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