Ladies!  This week we are hitting the pavement at Flagler & 97th!  I love this run!  It’s just the right amount of running interspersed with enough incline to keep the body sweating,  the heart pumping and the legs burning!!  Who’s in?  PLUS, I am adding a surprise element to the run to keep it fun and intense.

If you’d like to carpool, please comment below.

In case of rain, we will be redirecting to our favorite sheltered outdoor run/workout which is FIU.  

We will meet there at 7am, right at the corner of Flagler and 97th where you’ll see an elementary school…Stirrup Elementary.  You can park there too.  Hope to see you all!

THEN AT 10AM, YOURS TRULY WILL BE TEACHING THE KICKBOXING CLASS!  You don’t want to miss it!  I will also be teaching tomorrow night at 7:10pm!!  Join me for a great workout!!

Rima Avellan

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