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December 13, 2016

I’d like to take this opportunity to announce and HUGELY congratulate the winner of this year’s BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE.

Big props to you STEPHANIE, on working your butt off over the past 12 weeks to take home the title of BIGGEST LOSER….. and a nice check for $1240.  Well deserved!15337584_10209862774378936_8549972640102812422_n


Stephanie lost a total 48.6 lbs in the last 3 months.  She has proven once again, that with a little discipline, determination and focus, your goals can be achieved!!!!

I am so proud of ALL the women who persevered through the 12-week journey to accomplish what they set out to do.  Although there can only be one winner, so many of the participants won in their own right!  Most of those who weighed in, lost a significant amount of weight.

I’d also like to congratulate our Student of the Month, Jennifer, who kept Stephanie on her toes.  Jennifer was a close 2nd, losing 36.8 lbs in 12 weeks!!!


CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WOMEN who participated and put forth the effort!