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December 9, 2016



This Saturday’s meet will be at FIU – 7AM in our favorite parking garage.  Please comment here if you need more specific details.

Get ready to sweat with another great workout!




Here are the most common workout excuses that I hear, and the best ways to beat them!

1. I’m too tired
You may be too tired to get up and get going, but the funny thing about exercise is it actually gives you more energy!  You can feel rejuvenated and awake after a good workout. If you’re too tired to train, it could be your sleeping habits that you need to look at. Going to bed earlier at night could make it easier to get up and have time for your workouts in the morning.

2. It’s so hard 
Ready for some tough love?  Working hard is what gets results. You can continue to make excuses to not work hard, or you can tough it out and push through. If you have a goal in mind, focus on that instead of how difficult the workout is. Continued effort can bring strength, confidence and a more positive mindset.

3. I forgot my shoes/music/gym towel 
There is one way to beat that ‘I forgot…’ problem and that is organization. Pack your gym bag the night before and run through a quick check so you know you have everything. Once you get into the habit of regularly packing the same items, the chances of forgetting something are much smaller.  I also like to keep some gear in the trunk of my car  – headphones, boxing gloves, shin pads, etc… at all times.

4. I don’t have time 
This one is easily solved… MAKE TIME.  If something is important to you, you’ll always find time.  You’re in control of your schedule!

5. I’m not feeling motivated 
The problem with motivation is it can leave you at the worst time. First you miss one session, then two, then it gets hard to commit to going back for another one.  It eventually becomes a cycle and you end up in a rut.
Try finding someone who can keep you accountable and will offer you that push when you need it.  A good person is someone in your bootcamp class!  You can check in on each other before your workouts.  Trust me, once you’ve started, it’s so much easier to keep going.

6. It’s my ‘time of the month’ 
I totally get it. Dealing with cramps, mood changes and bloating really doesn’t make you feel like working out (or working, or going out in public, or…). While you might feel like laying on the couch with a hot water bottle, you will probably feel better after some exercise. Exercise gets your circulation and digestion going, which can be helpful for relieving cramps and bloating.

Making excuses not to exercise is only going to hurt one person — you. Even if you don’t feel guilty for skipping out on your workout at first, it’s too easy to become a bad habit. Remind yourself of your end goal and picture your success.   Focus on building good habits instead!