WOFB would like to congratulate STEPHANIE TABLADA on earning the November 2016 title of STUDENT OF THE MONTH.  As usual, with so many dedicated women, the choice for the monthly student standout is always a challenge.  But when Stephanie decided to join the 2016 BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE in September, we couldn’t ignore her progress.

At the first weigh-in, she dropped an impressive 17 lbs to take the lead.  Since then, she continues her consistent weight loss, attends all her regular and extra workouts, and has a positive, winning attitude.  Along with her sister (who was SOTM for Septmeber), they have been exemplary of how hard work and dedication can lead you to achieve your goals.

CONGRATULATIONS Stephanie, and keep it up!

The 12-week BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE is in its ninth week.  Stay tuned to see who captures the big money prize and bragging rights as our winner for 2016. Our 5th extra workout is coming this Sunday, Nov 20.  We will have 2 classes – 7am and 8am so please RSVP for you class.


12 Responses to “NOVEMBER STAR!”

  1. Elsa Says:

    Congratulations Stephanie!

    On Sunday I will be there at 7am thanks


  2. Rossana Bueno Says:

    Hi Rima 7 am please..thanks


  3. Marianne benitez Ruiz Says:

    WOOHOO, congratulations Stephanie, you are doing amazing 🙂

    Rima, 8 a.m. for me please and 7 a.m. for Kristen


  4. Viviana Says:

    7 am for me, pls. Tx


  5. Cristina Says:

    Congrats!!! Rima 7 am please!!

    Thank you!


  6. Stephanie Tablada Says:

    Thank you to all my coaches and all of you inspiring ladies! Tablada sisters will be there at 8am!


  7. Marianela Bell Says:

    Hi Rima 7am please


  8. Jeannette Says:

    8am class for me 😀


  9. Maggie lozano Says:

    Congratulations!!!! That’s awesome!!!!

    I will be there @ 8am on Sunday!!


  10. Jennifer Says:

    7am workout for me ty


  11. Jeannette Castellon Says:

    Congrats ! 8am class for me


  12. Jackie Johnson Says:

    8am please


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