HUGE CONGRATS to this girl ^ right here.  Rosemary has totally embraced the “fit life” as she easily claims the title of Student of the Month for October 2016.  In just 6 months, she’s dropped 8% body fat and has significantly improved in her physical performance – getting stronger and fitter with each workout.  She’s also discovered ‘clean eating’ and has adopted healthier eating habits (and it shows).  Keep it up – we’re so proud!! 

Age: 36

Profession: 4th Grade School Teacher 

When did you first start training at WOFB and how did you find out about us?
I started training at WOFB March 2016. I heard about WOFB through a friend of mine who followed Lorraine on Instagram and mentioned to me “Lorraine is an amazing trainer and if I lived where you lived I would definitely consider joining”. So I DID! =) 

Tell us about your sports & fitness background

I have always enjoyed working out at the gym, however my biggest obstacle has been boredom. After a while, I would get bored of doing the same exercises and routines. I would go by myself and would find myself without motivation, drive, nor goals.  Once I found WOFB I have seen fitness in another different spectrum. I have learned exercise and eating the right the foods play an important role in our daily lifestyle and take it into perspective. Now, I look forward to every single class at WOFB, and even add extra classes a week as I have reaped many benefits from it.  


Favorite Workout (or type of workout): LEG DAY! I especially look forward to doing Squats as that is what I have seen has built my lower body strength.  

Least Favorite Workout: Pull-ups and upright rows tend to be the most challenging for me as they requires a lot of my upper body strength, which tends to be the most difficult for me. 

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and 
overall fitness since starting WOFB?
My body has physically transformed. I began WOFB with a 29 percent body fat and now I am at 21, in just 6 months! My strength and fitness level has tremendously increased.  I have made the way I eat not a diet, but a healthier way of eating for a permeant lifestyle. WOFB created a personalized portfolio with meal plans for me which allowed me to eat the right way. In addition, I constantly had lower back and shoulder pains. After I joined WOFB I feel energized and have had almost little to NO pains!  I love to see the before and after pictures which really put into perspective how this program really WORKS! 

Thank you to all my COACHES, who always believed in me and continue to push me to my fullest potential!  

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