Lately, I’ve been seeing the word ‘hack’ everywhere….”life hacks”, “food hacks”, etc…

What exactly does it mean?  Although we are used to the word in a negative context such as a “computer hack”, these days, ‘hack’ is being used a ‘quicker, easier and more effective method for achieving a goal’.

That being said, today’s theme is fat loss hacks…how to find more effective meal options (or replacements) to aid in losing fat & achieving a healthier lifestyle.


#1: Cauliflower Rice


This simple hack will save you hundreds of calories per meal and will leave you no less satisfied. You can even add your favorite spices and flavor additions as you do with traditional rice.
Check it out for yourself:

#2: Vegetable Noodles

There are many ways to create and enjoy noodles made from vegetables, rather than noodles made from grains.  Pasta has its benefits but on a day to day basis, when trying to lose fat, it can be dangerous!  It is very high in calories –

Processed with Moldiv

Use a spiral slicer to turn zucchini or butternut squash into noodles; bake a spaghetti squash and scrape out those nature-made noodles; or simply use a traditional veggie peeler to create long noodle strips from zucchini.

#3: Lettuce-Wrapped


By simply replacing your sliced bread and buns for large pieces of lettuce, you’ll quickly eliminate a couple hundred calories from each meal. Once you get used to the crunch of the lettuce you’ll enjoy your new style of sandwich and burger even more than the traditional way.

#4: Water

This one is a no-brainer!
So many weigh/fat loss goals are left in the distance because of empty calories that people are not even aware of…from sugary “fruit” juices to calorie-packed coffee beverages.  Check your numbers!!  Better yet, replace all beverages with water!  This simple hack could change your life.  

If you find water to be boring, infuse it with some fruit, or throw in some lemon/lime slices.  As with everything, in time, you will ask yourself how you used to drink all your calories!

Have a great week!



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  1. Lorraine Haddad Says:

    YUMMY! 😋


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