Our STUDENT OF THE MONTH for September 2016 is…




“Age: 27

Profession: Traffic Analyst

When did you first start training at WOFB and how did you find out about us?
I started April 2016 and my sister pressured me to join.

Tell us about your sports & fitness background:
I’ve never been athletic and was never much into fitness.

Favorite Workout (or type of workout): kickboxing

Least Favorite Workout: pull-ups, pretty much anything that requires upper body strength

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and
overall fitness since starting WOFB?
It’s been an overall change mentally and physically. My clothes fit better, I have more energy and I actually enjoy working out. It has pushed me to try new things I didn’t think I would ever do before.

Thank you to all the coaches that have helped shaped me into a better version of myself and continue to encourage me to lead a healthier lifestyle!!”

Thank you Melissa, for working hard and being an example of what determination and dedication can bring!  Melissa has lost over 15 lbs so far, comes to class regularly, and always pushes herself.  Keep it up!  You’re an inspiration.  Glad you decided to cave into your sister’s constant pressuring to join us!  =)

2 Responses to “SEPTEMBER 2016 FEATURE”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    So proud of my little seeeester! ❤


  2. Marcia Diaz Says:

    Congratulations Melissa!!!!


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