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Age: 29

Profession: Kindergarten Teacher

When did you first start training at WOFB and how did you find out about us?
I started training at WOFB in the year 2011. I heard about WOMEN ONLY FITNESS BOOTCAMP from my little cousin. One day she came over and I saw her body looking great and I asked her what she was doing and that’s when she told me she had joined this amazing bootcamp. That’s when I decided to join. Best decision ever!

Tell us about your sports & fitness background: I’ve always loved fitness and being active. My passion for fitness started at five years old when I joined a dance club at school. As I got older and continue dancing, it required a lean body and lots of endurance. When I turned sixteen years I joined a dance team at my high school and decided to also join a gym. I noticed how much I enjoyed working out and how great it made me feel every day. As soon I joined the gym I even noticed my dancing techniques became better and I was able to do more. Even though I enjoyed going to the gym I was never interested in weights. I always thought they would make look bulky. That’s until I joined wofb. Now I love doing weights and notice the results drastically as soon as incorporated weights to my workout routine.

Favorite Workout (or type of workout): I love legs day. My favorite workout is box jumps. I feel like I get a total body workout.

Least Favorite Workout: My least favorite is pull ups just because I struggle doing them. But believe it or not I have improved since I started trying my best.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health and overall fitness since starting WOFB?  Since I started WOFB my life has changed completely. Not only I have lost tons of weight but I have built endurance. I feel like I’m a stronger person. WOFB has also helped me with my eating habits and reaching my goals. Before joining I would eat poorly and sometimes eat less thinking that would make me lose weight. But thanks to Rima’s and Lorraine’s guidance I know differently. I feel more energized and determine to reach my goals daily. I don’t think I can ever see my life complete without my WOFB family.

Barbie, you are truly an inspiration.  You look amazing and your dedication to getting and staying fit is obvious!  Keep up the good work.  We are proud of you.

Your WOFB family!

2 Responses to “FEATURE OF THE MONTH…”

  1. Rossana Bueno Says:

    congrats..good job


  2. Marcia Diaz Says:

    Woooo Hooo Congratulations Barbie!!! 💪💪


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