Hello ladies!

I received an email this morning and it really made me think….

I’m interested to hear your opinion on this matter.

I received a petition for Walmart from an organization called UglyFruitandVeg.org.  Before I could read what they were petitioning about, I saw a photo of 2 tomatoes, one normal looking and the other, a mutated, uglier version.


So I read on, and it turns out that nearly 26% of all produce is thrown out before it even reaches the grocery store (all stores not just Walmart), due mostly to cosmetic standards from large grocers that dictate exactly how fruits and veggies should look.  If produce fails to make the grade for size, shape, or color, retailers deem it “ugly” and refuse to sell it in their stores.  Billions of pounds of good, healthy produce goes uneaten because it’s not pretty!


Being one that hates to waste, and having much compassion for those less fortunate than I, I was immediately disappointed and sad about this.  But then I asked myself, “If the tomato on the right was the last tomato on the shelf, would I buy it?”.  And if I have to wonder, do I blame retailers for not wanting to buy produce that may not sell?

So I had to resort to logic!  I did some research and yes, the “ugly” tomato is perfectly edible and equally nutritious!  More so, I found out that with the support of more than 111,000 signers, they were successful in petitioning Whole Foods Market to sell ugly produce. 

GEEZ, has our superficiality carried over even to our food?  =((   Damn you Kardashians!

I signed the petition.

Have a great Friday!

The WOFB Team

If you’re running in the 5K at FIU tomorrow, meet us at FFA at 6:45am.

If you’re doing the killer stairs/ramps routine, be at FIU in our favorite garage at 7am.

And last, if you’re in the GYBPSR challenge, see you at 7am or 8am on Sunday!


3 Responses to “WHAT DO YOU THINK????”

  1. ana Says:

    Ja ja funny tomatoe! I will buy it and eat it.


    Is not rotten


  2. Nikki Says:

    It’s a shame that they throw away ugly produce. I would buy it. 🙂


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