1. FIU stairs & ramps workout will take place at FIU at 7am, this Saturday, April 2.  We will meet in our usual parking garage PG5 (see map below).  If you need more info, comment here with your email address.
  2. There is also the 5K Run Derby Run/Walk that will take place at FIU that I posted about earlier.

Here’s what you should know if you’re running in that race on Saturday….

Thursday March 31st:

Packet pickup is tonight at 6pm. Head over to the Fit2Run in Dolphin and pick up your pre race goodies and information! Enjoy 20% off the entire store during our packet pickup from 6-9pm! There will also be raffles and other giveaways.  The best parking lot for Fit2Run store is by Sam Ash (guitar center).

Saturday April 2nd: RACE DAY!

Official start will be at exactly 7:30am, not one minute later so arrive early! Runner’s will park in PG6 (see map below).  IMPORTANT: If you are an FIU student, DO NOT park in PG6! You will be charged $2.

Who wants to car pool from FFA??




GET YOUR BODY PHOTO SHOOT READY CHALLENGE workout #5 this Sunday, April 3rd!  Who’s in ?  Please RSVP with either 7am or 8am.

Have a great end of week!

The WOFB Team

4 Responses to “THIS WEEKEND….”

  1. ana Says:

    7:00 am mrs rima-rsvp ana carolina saenz.


  2. Romero-diaz, Ana M. Says:

    Hi , 7 am ! Thanks for Sunday.

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Ana Bachmann Says:

    I’ll car pool


  4. Sheila Says:

    Sheila González at 7
    Thank you


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