Hello ladies!


This Saturday’s SOLE SISTERS session will be at the Key Biscayne bridge.  We will m set in the parking lot right before the start of the bridge at 7 AM.  In case of rain, we will always resort to plan B which is FIU since we are sheltered there.



12-WEEK CHALLENGERS, today is DAY 3.  If you haven’t done this already, I highly recommend it…

Since a goal must have an end date, I like to print up as many blank calendars as I need to meet the goal deadline. In this case, I have printed up 3 blank calendars, Feb, March & April. I put them up on my wall and cross out each day as I conquer it!

I’m very visual so this works well for me – it keeps me very motivated, especially when I can see how many days I have left and how far I’ve come. When you think about it on a larger scale, 90 days is such a tiny amount of time in our lifetimes – especially for something that can be life-altering and bring such huge rewards!

DO IT!!!
Click here and print out your calendars!




The WOFB BANQUET is around the corner!  Our ANNUAL AWARDS BANQUET is taking place Sunday, March 6.  Stay tuned for more info!

The WOFB Team



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