Ladies of WOFB,

Monday, Feb 1st marks the first day of our 12-week transformation challenge.  AND this year marks the start of a NEW 12-week transformation challenge.  What used to be “Get Your Body Calendar-Ready” is now the…



That’s right!  Here are the details…

WOFB is ALWAYS on a mission to help women to become more self-confident, lose weight and/or get fit and celebrate being a strong and sexy woman.

SO, this year we started “GET YOUR BODY PHOTO SHOOT READY!” to give everyone who completes the 12-week challenge a chance to be in the spotlight!

Every participant who persists all the way through to get their final measurements and “AFTER” photo taken, as well as undergoes a transformation via weight lost, body fat decreased or both, gets the opportunity at their own personal photo shoot.

Photo shoot will be on Sunday, April 24, 2016.

This weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, Jan 30 & 31, we will be at the gym taking initial body fat measurements as well as the “BEFORE” photos, SO BRING YOUR 2-PIECE!

Coach Lorraine has the sign up sheet, so reserve your spot ASAP.  The session will be from 7-9:30 AM on both days.  (NO SOLE SISTERS this weekend.)

***Bring your phone or camera if you want to take your own photos to track your progress – we are not emailing any photos.***

Once you register, you will receive your meal plan, shopping list, 12-week schedule of extra workouts, and you will be part of our email group for daily fitness & nutrition tips.  There will also be fun & motivational games along the way to make the journey easier!

Registration fee is $49 and this includes “BEFORE” & “AFTER” measurements, the photo shoot, meal plan and extra workouts!!!

See you all this weekend!

The WOFB Team!


One Response to “HERE IT IS….”

  1. Marla Says:

    Can’t wait! Signing up tomorrow 🙂


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