I am 36 years old.

I work at a Law Firm as an Orientation Assistant.

I started Bootcamp the last week of September. My friend Gabriela Ferradas would always talk about how amazing bootcamp was and how she loved it. She convinced me to give it a try and I love it too.

My fitness level has always been a roller coaster. I begin working out for a period of time and suddenly stop, but this time I’m committed for life.

My favorite type of workout is anything for the lower body and chest flys.

My least favorite workout is push ups, pull ups and renegade rows.

I have seen a change in how my clothes fit. I also have lost a total of 27 pounds in a little over 3 months and my endurance level is getting better each class.

WOOHOO!!!!  Your determination and hard work have paid off.  Your WOFB family is so proud of you.  Keep it up!!!!!!  Congrats again!

The WOTFB Team



2 Responses to “JANUARY 2016 FEATURE”

  1. Marla Says:

    Woohoooo way to go, Mari!!!


  2. Rossana Bueno Says:

    congrats…good job


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