Look familiar??

Sure, it’s the beginning of a new year….but is that enough to warrant a drastic change of lifestyle… overnight? ?  I mean really…  is it realistic to expect that from one day to the next we are going to change how we live and suddenly maintain this new way of life because it’s Jan 1st?

Resolutions are good in the sense that they show initiative towards change.  But what’s even better and more effective, is a willingness to change from within, without having any ties to a new year, or Monday, or next month, or after the staff party….  the willingness to change has to be right NOW!  …right this moment, this second that you are reading this.  Something has to click inside and your inner voice says, “I CAN DO THIS!  I AM GOING TO DO THIS!” and you really believe it!

We are here to help make the journey an easier, more enjoyable one!  So here are 5 changes you can make, instantly or gradually, that will help you inch closer to your weight loss goals!


I want to say, “Studies show that…” but instead I’m going to tell you, from personal experience, that you are less likely to drink water if you aren’t carrying water.  This happened to me over the holidays.  I got out of my usual routine and stopped carrying my water jug around, and guess what…?  some days I was drinking less than half of the water I normally drink.  If I didn’t have that visual reminder, I wouldn’t think to drink water.  So buy a refillable water bottle, and carry it everywhere!  It’s a constant reminder, and it couldn’t be more convenient if it tried.


If water is ‘boring’ to you…  Keep a pitcher of “spa water” in your fridge. It’s shocking how great H2O tastes once it’s soaked up some natural flavor.  Just add strawberries, cucumbers, and/or a little mint to your agua, and let it infuse.  I like to squeeze from real lemons and limes in my water for that hint of citrus.  You’ll be a water guzzler in no time…

STAY TUNED FOR TIPS #2, 3, 4 & 5.

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR and let’s take 2016 by storm!  I will be announcing the next WOFB challenge soon!!

Your WOFB crew!



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