You deserve the title of “Student of the Month” through your hard work and dedication!

Age: 28

Business Analyst at FPL

How did you hear about us?

I started training about 8-9 years ago, can’t remember when exactly. I was working at the insurance agency upstairs next to Bootcamp. I would see the poster advertising it every time I had to go to get the mail.

Fitness Background:
Prior to Bootcamp I was never into sports. I enjoyed going to salsa classes for many years but stopped.

Favorite exercise/workout: Arnold press and “crazy ropes”

Least favorite exercise/workout: pull ups and burpees

Changes I’ve noticed:
Bootcamp has transformed my lifestyle and my view on fitness forever. I’m trying new things that I would have never dreamt of doing such as half marathons, 5ks, swimming when I don’t even know how to, biking, etc. I can’t go a day without working out. The best part is that I’ve met great people along the way. The coaching staff and all of the wonderful bootcamp ladies motivate and help me reach my goals. This will be my forever 2nd home.

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