biggest loser

The BIGGEST LOSER challenge is upon us again!

It starts this Monday, Sept 28, 2015 and ends 12 weeks later on Sunday, Dec 20, 2015.  It is open to ALL students in both bootcamp levels (INTRO & ELITE), and is based on % of weight lost.  Let’s welcome 2016 with a BANG and leave the fat behind!!!

There is a MANDATORY 1st WEIGH-IN this Sunday, Sept 27 between 8-9am. This is when you will register & pay, weigh-in and get your measurements done.  You will also receive the extra workout & weigh in schedules as well as the official rules.  If you cannot make the registration session this Sunday, see Coach Lorraine.  I will also have some registration forms available with Coach Lorraine in the bootcamp office.

The winner will receive a cash prize, the total sum of monies received from each and every participant.  Once everyone is registered, I will announce the sum of the cash prize.



We will be tackling the Key Biscayne bridge this Saturday, Sept 26 @ 7am.  We will meet at our usual spot, in the parking lot before the start of the bridge.  I love this run!  Running on an incline is such great cardio, good for strengthening the legs and calves, and helps improve your regular running pace.  JOIN US!!  It’s a good one!



Our Urban Obstacle Challenge is around the corner – 2 Sundays away on Oct 4!!!  If you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for!??  This will be fun and different from the usual mud runs.  If you need help registering, let me know here.  You can also check previous posts for more info.

On that note, there is one last workout scheduled for this Sunday, Sept 27 @ 7am for anyone who has registered.  If you want to join us this Sunday, simply email or text me your proof of registration for the race.  If you are not racing but would like an extra workout this Sunday, there is a small fee of $6.  PLEASE RSVP HERE!



This Sunday, Sept 27, our kickboxing coach is putting her skills to the test in her 2nd career mma fight.  Coach Vicky is fighting at the FAU Arena in Boca Raton and you can purchase tickets at the door.  If you’re interested in attending, please comment here and let me know.  We are going to be leaving from FFA and we can carpool.


Your WOFB Team

9 Responses to “BIGGEST LOSER and MUCH MORE!”

  1. Jessica red) Says:

    I’ll be there Saturday & Sunday


  2. christinevicens Says:

    I’m in for Sunday.


  3. Viviana Says:

    I’ll be there Sunday. Ariana is also in.


  4. risa669 Says:

    Hi..I just joined and excited to become part of the bootcamp family💪💪.

    Will try the biggest loser and the bridge. .omg😓


  5. Lissette Mejia Says:

    I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday


  6. Gigi Says:

    I WILL be there on Sunday!


  7. Jackie Gee Says:

    Rsvping for Sunday


  8. Ivette MARTINEZ Says:

    Go Vicky!!


  9. Chawndra billie Says:

    I’m in for Sunday and I also want to sign up for the Biggest loser challenge.


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