SOLE SISTERS – This Saturday, June 20th, join us at the Tropical Park Hill as we switch it up to some speed work and straight endurance training.  It’s a tough one!  Are you game?

If you’re part of Bootcamp Elite, you’re a SOLE SISTER, so join us!
There is plenty of parking by the hill.  We’ll be starting at 6:45AM so set your alarms and fill your water bottles!!


TRIATHLETES IN TRAINING – Don’t miss this Saturday’s session of SOLE SISTERS – it will add to your endurance game and help you speed up that mile.  Then on Sunday, June 21, we’ll be taking out the bikes again to tour the valley of alligators, otherwise known as, SHARK VALLEY.  Get there for 6:45am so you can be ready to go at 7AM sharp!  It’s Father’s Day so the earlier we start, the earlier we can get back to our hubbys and dads!  Bring some bug spray, sunglasses, water and the rest of your bike accessories.

One thing we haven’t talked about much is the importance of being prepared to change your tire in case of a flat!  Ladies, this is a reality!!! It can happen anytime and anywhere. You definitely don’t want to get stranded at mile 7 in the midst of alligators! PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW if you have a speed/road bike! It is thorough and clear! It goes over changing the rear wheel since it is more complex.

Here’s what you will need to purchase and carry with you at all times when riding:

-an inner tube that is the size of your tire (you can check the measurements right on your tire or take it to your local bike shop), a CO2 canister or portable pump,
-2 tire levers
-a mini pump or CO2 canister
-a patch repair kit (I don’t normally carry this but I should)

It’s all very compact & portable, check it out this kit–>

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