Hey ladies!

What a busy weekend we leave behind…

BUT BEFORE YOU READ ON, take a minute to watch this video – it’s literally only 1 minute long and will make you feel good! =)

1. Our 2016 CALENDAR CHALLENGE came to a close as we wrapped it up with a photo shoot in Miami’s scenic Wynwood area.  We will have a 2nd photo shoot for those who completed the challenge and want to capture their hard work in a photo!  This photo shoot will also take place in Wynwood on Sunday, June 28, 2015.  Start time will be 7am.  You will be responsible for your own hair and make up.  I will keep you posted with the cost as I am waiting to hear from everyone who is interested – so please let me know ASAP if you are one of them and haven’t yet emailed me @ RimaAvellan@yahoo.com.

2. We also had a fearless crew participate in the DOWN N’ DIRTY Mud Run!  GO GIRLS!!!  11168519_998764616800221_2616079076144253427_n


Please register ASAP if you plan on taking part in the 1st FFA & WOFB Kickball Tournament.  The forms can be found at the front desk or see Coach Lorraine.  The game is at Tamiami Park (next to FIU) next Sunday, May 31st @10am.  Will be a blast!!

If you completed the plank challenge I posted 2 weeks ago, please submit your video and chart to me.  I am waiting to award a winner with a special treat!  GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK @ RimaAvellan@yahoo.com!!

will start soon.  I will start a Facebook events page for all the interested participants so we can exchange our ideas as we prepare for our 12-week training program real soon!  If you would like to join in, please let me know!  You can comment here or email me at RimaAvellan@yahoo.com.

– One Class at 10am on Monday, May 25, 2015 – ALL LEVELS WELCOME!

Memorial Day

6 Responses to “HELLO!”

  1. Tania Solis Says:

    Wayne Dyer is the shiiiiiiittttt! His book “How to manifest your destiny”changed my life – great video.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Cristina Cordero Says:

    Hello Rima, I will like to take the pic and also I will like to join in the triathlon.

    Can we still do the plank challenge or is it too late?

    Thank you,
    Cristina Cordero


    • Rima Avellan Says:

      Hi! Yes, it’s over but I may do it again since no one has emailed me. LOL! It’s a great challenge!


    • Marlen Says:

      I saw the plank challenge this weekend so I started it on my own with a paper chart lol. The link to the chart provided wouldn’t load. Are we suppose to record ourselves everyday doing the plank? Also, can we try different planks or just stick to one kind of plank? Thanks!! 😊


      • Rima Avellan Says:

        Hi! Yes, you are to record your time everyday doing the plank, and it can be any form of plank as long as you keep the core contracted and don’t drop the knees while transitioning. The video recording only takes place at the beginning and at the end.


  3. Marianne Benitez ruiz Says:

    Count me in for the triathlon ☺️


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