Women-Only Fitness Bootcamp is very excited to invite EVERY bootcamp member and their families to our TEN year anniversary celebration & AWARDS BANQUET!  The Bootcamp Awards Banquet is a yearly tradition and this one is extra special because it also marks our 10-year anniversary.  This is a HUGE milestone in our program’s history!

For those who are unfamiliar with this event, it’s a special evening we put together once a year to recognize those who worked their butts off, honor the highlights of the past year, present upcoming events and celebrate new & old friendships.

Students, you should consider this a mandatory event – this is by far the most important event we have all year.  If you haven’t been to one before, ask a couple of veterans about this event, you really can’t miss out on this! You will leave the event with renewed motivation, more pride about your team, and with a full stomach 🙂  This is our biggest celebration of the year.

ANOTHER BIG CHANGE:  Although our previous venue, Jungle Island, was very elegant – it was far away and the ladies really expressed wanting something closer… so we found something a little closer… literally a few stores to the left of Bootcamp!  We will be hosting the Banquet this year at the Banquet Hall next to Bootcamp – it is the same venue where we did our Christmas party.  The Christmas party was a test run for the banquet – and all the ladies loved it.  The food was great, the room was elegant – and it was right next to our gym.

ANOTHER UPGRADE:  Traditionally, we had a cash bar… this year we are having an Open Bar 🙂  With your purchased seat, you will be getting a full course dinner and open bar.The event is a formal event, so we ask all men to come in suit & tie and women with formal dress.

The banquet is special because it is the only time during the year that we hand out the promotions for our students. On top of the promotions, we also present special awards like the Most Dedicated, Biggest Loser (most weight lost), MVB (Most Valuable Bootcamper), Rookie of the Year, and more. We also have a power point presentation which goes over the history our program, what we have accomplished in 2014, and our goals for 2015-6.

And on top of all the ceremony, speeches, and dinner, we will also have a DJ for those of you that want to dance.  Remember the HARLEM SHAKE?  Here’s a flashback to the 2013 banquet where FFA & WOFB joined forces to make the best-ever rendition of the Harlem Shake, lol!!!!

This event is a non-profit event. The fee to attend covers your plate and rental of the hall. The fee to attend is $39 for each adult and $34 for each child. Feel free to bring friends and/or family. 

The deadline to register for the event is April 5th… afterward, there will be an extra $5 late registration fee per seat for booking late.

To reserve your seats, you can either

  1. Click Here To Order Online
  2. Call us at 305-225-5282
  3. Reply to with your full name and phone number

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