Another fun workout coming at you this Sunday!!!


***ATTN*** SATURDAY KICKBOXERS – 10am kickboxing class with Vicky & Devin is cancelled for the George Lockhart seminar at 10:30am

7am –

Jessica L
Angie del C
Lynn P
Evelyn C
Veyra C
Grettel M
Stephanie M
Rossana B
Kiana D
Elizabeth M
Lissette M
Viviana A
Maria Ca
Cristina C
Diana C
Sunilda C
Dora S
Yasmin A
Karen M
Adria R
Lili S
Denysse N
Lillie S
Sonia O
Angela A
Gabby R
Regina D L
Janet G
Stephanie T
Ana B
Ana Maria R-D


Flo M
Ivette M
Patricia L
Duckie O
Jesika S
Joanna B
Cathy M
Marcia D
Gigi S
Jackie MJ
Vicky F
Natalie Z
Annie B
Marianne B R
Irina R
Kelly B
Christine V
Ana S
Jillian B
Tiffany A
Adriana B
Maria Ce
Jennifer H
Karla Z
Linda L
Jackie J
Jess Red C
Esperanza B

13 Responses to “Another fun workout coming at you this Sunday!!!”

  1. Stephanie Tablada Says:

    Sunday 7am, me too please!


  2. Marianne Benitez Ruiz Says:

    8 am please


  3. Natalie Zurbaran Says:

    8 am for me and Vicky


  4. annieb. Says:

    8 am


  5. Irina rodriguez Says:

    8am please irina


  6. Romero-diaz, Ana M. Says:

    Ana Maria Romero diaz 7:00 am

    Sent from my iPhone


  7. Ana Bachmann Says:

    8am please


  8. Gema roa Says:

    7 am pls 😊


  9. Maria Ramirez Says:

    7am for Caro R, Angela A, Lis A, Maria R


  10. Anakiel Says:

    Sunday, 8am please Anakiel Rodriguez


  11. Michelle Soto Says:

    Hi Rima

    There will be a workout tomorrow at 8am?

    Michelle Sent from my iPhone



  12. Sara Soria Says:

    Hi Rima , please sign me up for 7am


  13. Says:

    Hello Rima,

    I was scheduled for the 8am class sunday but i am not going to be able to make it. I forgot its a religous day and i am going to church with my family.

    Thank you,

    Adriana Baldwin

    Sent from my iPhone



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