Do you need a jumpstart to your goals?  Do you feel you’ve plateaued in your fitness, in your job, in your life?

Maybe you just need some motivation…. a PEP TALK to get you back in that parade!

Coach Marcos Avellan will be hosting a goal setting session this Saturday at 2pm at the FFA Miami (downstairs).  This is something he does for his fighters and instructors every year, and for the first time, he is opening this up to the students in the martial arts CAP members and for the Bootcamp Elite members.
The seminar is at no cost to Bootcamp Elite members and the seminar will be motivating and incredibly productive.  It will be about 45 minutes to an hour long, please bring a notepad and a pen – or a laptop – and get ready for a very powerful experience.
To reserve a spot for the seminar, at no cost, please email with your name and phone number.

And in conclusion, I would like to remind you to reserve your seats for our Annual Awards Banquet on Sunday, April 19.  This event is a non-profit event.  The fee to attend covers your plate and rental of the hall. The fee to attend is $39 for each adult and $34 for each child. Feel free to bring any friends or family. 

The deadline to register for the event is April 5th… afterward there will be an extra $5 late registration fee per seat for booking late.

To reserve your seats, you can either

  1. Click Here To Order Online
  2. Call us at 305-225-5282
  3. Reply to with your phone number

Thank you ladies!

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