Missed posting about female


greatness yesterday so you are getting a double dose today!!

1. Olympic swimmer Dara Torres (b. 1967)


At age 41, she was the oldest swimmer to ever compete in the Olympics, competing in the 50-meter freestyle, 4×100-meter medley relay, and 4×100-meter freestyle relay, and winning silver medals in all three events!!!  That photo above is her at 41, six years ago!!!

She is a twelve-time Olympic medalist, as well as the first and only swimmer from the United States to compete in five Olympic Games (1984, 1988, 1992, 2000 and 2008).

On August 1, 2007, at age 40 (just 15 months after giving birth to her first child), she won gold in the 100-meter freestyle at the U.S. Nationals, her fourteenth national championship.  On August 4, she broke her own American record in the 50-meter freestyle, 26 years after she first set the American record at just 15 years old.  WOW!!  She is also one of few Olympians to win a medal in each of the five Olympics in which she has competed!

Mother, author, model, Olympic athlete, TV show host, Hall of Famer…. Go girl!  (Some of you will be happy to hear that she is half Cuban!  LOL!)

2.  Hawaiian-born soul-surfer, Bethany Hamilton (b. 1990)


This young female EMBODIES passion….it’s just incredible!    When you lose an arm to a tiger shark surfing at the age of 13 and continue to surf so you can do it professionally, you are truly PASSIONATE about your sport!  We’re not just talking a “bite” either….she lost her entire left arm.  She returned to surf with one arm, 26 DAYS after she was attacked and had her arm amputated!  WOW….unbelievable courage and determination!  Not even the fear of sharks and potentially losing another arm could keep her out of the water.

Since losing her arm, Bethany’s story has been shared in hundreds of media outlets, to inform and inspire.  She has been recognized with numerous awards, public appearances, and various speaking engagements.

Happy training!!

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