DAY 17 – Another great woman!


This time it’s our FEATURE OF THE MONTH…




Age: 24

Profession: Administrative staff

I started training with you guys ending of November 2013. I found out about WOFB through some of my family and friends that attend bootcamp there.

Before WOFB I was not really involved in any types of sport and had little to none motivation to start. Since starting WOFB I have learn so much about my body and what it can be able to achieve.

My favorite workout are the box jumps, I would of never of caught myself jumping on boxes before I started.

My least favorite type of workout are pull ups, I yet have to master them.

I am a mother of two, so strength was my motivation to start. I can now say I have the strength to push a little harder when I initially thought I couldn’t.  As for my mind, I feel less tried and more prepared.  When I began I wanted to lose weight and as time want on, I indeed lost weight, but I realize that getting tone is more important. And I see it every time I workout.

WOOHOO!!!  Keep it up!!!!!

One Response to “DAY 17 – Another great woman!”

  1. Ana Bachmann Says:

    Congratulation Roselyn. You deserve it. Keep motivated and dedicated. You are doing great. Your determination motivates me when we are in class together!!!!


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