Adria R
Anakiel R
Andrea GP
Angie DuQ
Ann Marie R
AnnMarie O
Beverly T

Claudia B

Cristina C
Denysse N
Diana C

Dora S

Elizabeth M
Elizabeth V
Evelyn F

Gabby R

Gema R
Grettel M
Jennifer G
Jessica L
Karen M
Kiana D
Lili S
Lillie S
Lis A-Y
Liseette M
Lisette L
Mara R
Maria Can
Maykel B
Melissa M
Nancy V
Natalie Z
Niki G
Rossana B
Sara S
Sonia O
Stephanie M
Sunilda C
Tania S
Viviana A
Yasmin A


Adriana B
Adriana H
Ana B
Ana S
Annie B
Carolina R
Cathy M
Christine V
Cindy M

Claudia B

Esperanza B
Flo M
Gabby F
Gigi S
Irina C

Isadora V

Jackie MJ
Janet G
Jesika S
Jessica O
Jillian B
Joanna B
Karla Z
Kelly B
Linda L
Liz A
Maria Cer
Maria R
Mariela T
Michelle S
Nicole F
Patricia L
Regina D
Roselyn R
Sonia C
Stephanie H
Tiffany A
Vanessa N
Veyra C
Vicki F

12 Responses to “SUNDAY WORKOUTS”

  1. grivera972 Says:


    I sign up for the 7am class. And I don’t see my name on the list. I posted on bootcamp news net.

    Sent on a Boost Samsung Galaxy S® 5


  2. Dora Says:

    Rima, I too had requested the 7am via an earlier link you sent and don’t see my name on list either. 😦


  3. Dora Says:

    @rima, my response was posted to this thread. Hope you can still add me.


  4. Isadora Says:

    I don’t see my name for 7am. I RSVPd in a comment to the post 😦


  5. Claudia Benvenuto Says:

    My name is not on any of the classes 😦


  6. Claudia Benvenuto Says:

    Hi Rima:

    When we got the email that the 8am class was full but there was space in the 7am, I replied to please save me spot on the 7am. I paid and got measured the same day as Stephanie and I see her name on the 7am class list but not mine. Do I just show up? if I don’t get in the class do I get my money back?

    Please advice. I need to plan, since I have two children and need to know what to do with them on Sunday. I wouldn’t want to set something up and drive to the gym and be turned back.

    Thanks much!!



  7. Romero-diaz, Ana M. Says:

    Hi , I signed up for 7:00 am . I don’t see my name . I am assuming in one of the anemarie…. Ana Maria Romero diaz!!! Pkease check !! I signed up since Monday when Lorraine tex me that it was up . Thank u

    Sent from my iPhone


  8. jillian barsimantov Says:

    hi is the list up yet for this sunday?


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