At this point, most of you have heard about juice cleanses… advertisements promise easy weight loss & big celebrities swear by juicing’s instant health benefits.  If you’ve been skeptical about it, you’re right to be – fad diets are about as trustworthy as late-night infomercials!

I’ve often been asked about the efficacy of juicing as a detox & weight loss tool – well after some unbiased research and common sense, here’s my take on this matter:

1- Our bodies are self-sufficient machines; we are equipped with all the cleansing tools our body needs -> Your LIVER, KIDNEYS & COLON are efficient at getting rid of toxins – that’s their job!  If you want to “cleanse” your body, drink plenty of water, eat well and get enough sleep!  That’s all there is to it!

2 – There are no shortcuts!!  Once you accept this, you will save a lot of time and effort and dodge these “get-healthy-quick schemes” that are part of a multi-billion dollar industry to entertain those who want that elusive instant fix!  You eat to gain weight, so cut down on eating to lose weight.  It’s as simple as that!

3 – Detox is MARKETING not MEDICINE!  Money makes the world go round….and these companies know how to prey.  Most of us get bored with regular, healthy eating habits and are always on the lookout for the newest health trend.  See past it!

4 – Juicing doesn’t make sense from a health perspective –  extracting the juices from your fruit or vegetable, then throwing away the pulp means you are discarding most of the nutrients and fiber of that food.  If you’re in the mood to drink your meal, whole food juicing is the healthier, more satisfying way to go.  Just throw it in whole and enjoy ALL of the nutrients it has to offer!  Now don’t get me wrong, juicing is healthier than buying store bought products, but don’t rely on it for long term weight loss is what I’m getting at.

Check out this website for tasty juice recipes:

15 Fruits & Vegetables Juice Recipes – Healthy Food House

5 – Most of the weight loss that does occur is WATER weight.  Of course, you can jump-start weight loss if the only thing you are consuming is juice, but our bodies cannot be sustained on just fruit & vegetable juice for long periods of time. We need fat, protein, and an adequate caloric intake to survive.  On a juice cleanse diet, only water weight is shed as glycemic stores are broken down in the body; once you start eating again, the weight comes back on.

So there you have it!  We are all entitled to our opinion – this is how I feel about juice cleanses based on my research and knowledge of health and the human body.

Hope this helps!

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